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U-Power Captain S3 CI SRC ESD Metal free Safety shoes

U-Power Captain S3 CI SRC ESD Metal free Safety shoes

U-Power Captain S3 CI SRC ESD Metal free Safety shoes   U-Power Captain S3 CI SRC ESD Metal free Safety shoes
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High Rebound elastopan sole - Putek Plus - Metal free - Red Up. High Rebound in Elastopan by Basf. Finally a complete shoe, made with latest generation materials and details, completely Metal free!

The U Power Captain S3 CI SRC ESD safety shoes are one of the latest models in the Red Up range, comfortable, comfortable, with technologies aimed at improving muscle-joint disorders that can occur in the work, solving posture problems and joint pain. They are very technical footwear, designed and made for workers who travel long distances daily or who are forced to work standing and standing for many hours; the new High Rebound midsole in Elastopan by BASF® absorbs the impact of the foot while resting, restoring potential energy in kinetic energy, with an excellent reduction of muscle tension, better blood circulation, eliminating the sense of tiredness and fatigue. Captain shoes are ESD certified, suitable for use in specific work environments, in the presence of chemicals, microchips, laboratories with explosive materials at risk of explosions or fires; ESD are electrically dissipative, therefore, they constantly discharge the electrical charges accumulated by the human body during use, avoiding the formation of electric shocks. The materials used are unique and inimitable, the finishes precise and accurate, as well as the seams; let's see them specifically. Upper in Putek Technology Hypertex, material highly resistant to abrasions of all kinds, extremely light, breathable and water-repellent; the yarns with very high abrasion resistance, combined with high-tech processing systems, are woven into the fabric to obtain a high-tenacity product with excellent rubbing resistance performance; the laboratory tests to which the HyperTex Putek was subjected with particularly abrasive and corrosive materials, showed a resistance 6 times higher than the Cordura 1000 used in high performance products. Air tunnel lining in Wingtex, breathable, with microcells that absorb and eliminate internal humidity. DGUV 112-191 predisposition to receive orthopedic insoles. Composite toecap, NOT metallic, light, safe, breathable, thanks to the micro-holes present on the structure. Save & Flex Plus anti-perforation plate, in NO metal fabric, integrated directly into the upper to guarantee protection for the entire sole of the foot. Memory ESD insole in Elastopan Basf with slow, antibacterial, deafening and deassorbent memory eliminates accumulated sweat; the channels present on the surface and the holes favor the air recirculation.

U Power Captain shoes have the Natural Confort 11 Mondopoint fit that guarantees balance and comfort even at the end of the day without stress! Memory ESD in Elastopan Basf®. Antiperforation Save & Flex PLUS No metal.

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U-Power Captain S3 CI SRC ESD Metal free Safety shoes   U-Power Captain S3 CI SRC ESD Metal free Safety shoes